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Women Shirts

Hem $15
Take in sides $15
Darts $15

Pencil Skirts

Adjust waist $20

Hem $25

Summer / Cocktail Dresses

Adjust shoulders without lining $20
Adjust shoulders with lining $25
Take in sides without lining $20
Take in sides with lining $30
Hem without lining $25-35
Hem with lining $30 and up

Rips and Patches

All - $15 and up

Wedding Dresses

Take in/out sides $100-150
Take in/out chest $100-150
Hem $100-300 (depending on number of layers and size of dress)
Bustle $30-60
Add bra cups $30 plus cost of cups
Adjust shoulders $40-50
Replace zipper (you provide zipper) $50
In-person consultation $20
Take measurements $15

Formal / Bridesmaid / Prom / Jumpsuit

Take in sides $40-50
Hem with two layers $50-60
Hem with three layers $60-80
Hem with four layers $80-100
Adjust shoulders $30

Hem Pants

Original hem jeans/khaki $20
Hem jeans/khaki $15

Hem slacks $20
Hem slacks with cuffs $30
Hem slacks with lining $30
Hem athletic pants $20
Hem Palazzo pants (wide legs) $25 and up
Hem bellbottom pants $25 and up
Hem jumpsuit pants $25 and up
Hem ski pants $30 and up

Alter Pants

Adjust waist $20-30

Taper legs $20-30

Zippers (you provide zipper)

Replace zipper on jeans $20
Replace zipper on slacks $20
Replace zipper on sweater/hoodie $30
Replace zipper on coats $40
Replace zipper on summer/cocktail dress $20
Replace zipper on formal dress $30

Men Shirts

Hem $20
Take in sides $20
Take in sides and arms $25
Shorten sleeves without cuffs $20
Shorten sleeves with cuffs $25

Suit Jackets / Coats

Suit jacket take in sides $40
Coat take in sides $40-50 (depending on size)
Shorten sleeves without buttons $25
Shorten sleeves with buttons $35

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