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In 2005, I moved from Portland back to my hometown of Nha Trang in Vietnam with my husband Ahren and our daughter. We wanted some adventure and ended up living in Nha Trang for 7 years before returning to Portland. While in Vietnam, Ahren and I explored the surrounding areas, and discovered several small orphanages far from the city, all of whom survived through the kindness of others. We began to seek out as many orphanages and schools dedicated to caring for and educating impoverished children, doing charity when we were able.


In 2009, we launched Lovingkindness Vietnam to continue helping the children in and around Nha Trang. It's from the dedication of so many volunteers and donors that our efforts have made lasting changes in the lives of these wonderful children. We made the decision to limit our activities to the area immediately surrounding Nha Trang so that our amazing team of volunteers could personally oversee all of our humanitarian programs, and maintain regular contact with the orphanages and charity schools.


We follow the 100% model, work entirely as volunteers, and do not receive salary or compensation. In fact, Ahren and I made the commitment to pay any fees that come up out of our own pocket, ensuring that 100% of donations go directly to the children.


Since moving back to Portland in 2012 we have continued to run Lovingkindness Vietnam from our home. I stay in touch with the nuns who run the orphanages and charity schools in Vietnam, and Ahren corresponds with donors, and updates the website after a charity visit. Starting this charity has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and visiting with the orphans is one of the things I miss most from our time living in Vietnam.


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